The Personal Injury Law Firm of George Hunter, P.A.

General Practice Law Firm for Tampa Bay, Riverview and Hillsborough County


Why a general practice law firm

Delving into a variety of legal matters each day excites George Hunter. A self-professed research hound, he enjoys the intellectual challenge that each legal issue brings. That zeal underlies the Law Offices of George Hunter, P.A., a community-based law firm to solve the legal problems of everyday people throughout Tampa Bay.

Hard working, earnest, and effective

George Hunter places high expectations on himself and on his law firm. As a client, you will find him to be—

  • Hard–working—George Hunter works for you until the job gets done without the constraints of a 9 A.M.-5 P.M. work day, even if it means his first chance to eat breakfast is at dinnertime.
  • Earnest—George Hunter makes himself directly available to his clients and always keeps communications channels open.
  • Effective—At George Hunter, P.A. the client is the ultimate decision–maker. Beginning with the initial interview, the firm and the client engage in a cooperative process in which the client explains what he or she expects from the firm and the firm counsels on the best course of action to achieve the client's goals and meet expectations.

Focused on Results

When you participate in an initial intake session with the Law Offices of George Hunter, P.A., we will ask you a set of detailed questions with a focus on what you want to accomplish. With the results you want to achieve always in mind, we explain our initial assessment and the likelihood of achieving those results in clear, easy-to-understand language. You might say we always begin the process with the end in mind.

Practice areas

The Law Offices of George Hunter, P.A. handles legal matters in the following areas:

  • Personal Injury
  • Insurance Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Estate Planning
  • Probate and Guardianship
  • Real Estate

Turning legal issues into legal resolutions

At the law firm of George Hunter, P.A., we commit to a cooperative process with our clients to get the job done to the client's satisfaction. With a client-first focus, our firm applies a superlative work ethic to effectively resolve legal issues. Contact the firm today by phone at 813-413-7848 or simply fill out the convenient online form.